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Heartwings Love Notes 923 - A New Reality

Heartwings says, "Coping with a new reality is not easy."

I keep thinking, or maybe even hoping that one morning I will wake up and what is happening now will prove to be a bad dream, and everything will be normal again. Something tells me that that hope is in vain, and that what is happening at this present time is all too real. I know Stephen and I are safe for now, as many are, and we have sufficient supplies to see us for some time to come. We are also fortunate in having friends who are younger and willing to help us out with grocery trips and supplies when we need them. We feel blessed in this and very grateful.

None of us have lived through anything like this before. We're in uncharted territory. Nor can we be sure what will come next. In the days of the bubonic plague little was known about good hygiene. We know enough to wash our hands and stay at a distance from one another. In those same days. chamber pots were dumped from windows into the street, often splashing passersby. As to hand washing? in the time of the plague there was no such thing as plumbing in Europe, though Rome had had it in the past.

There is not as much traffic passing our windows to the street as we are used to seeing. The mail still comes, for which I am grateful. This is a good time to attend to all the tasks that have been neglected in favor of errands and appointments. The self-quarantine Stephen and I are practicing provides a fine opportunity to go through piles, clean, and hopefully even eliminate what needs clearing out. Although I am someone who normally enjoys doing this, I find it difficult to begin these neglected tasks because I'm still getting used to the way things are today. Perhaps part of me is still living in the old reality. It's not easy to let it go. I guess I keep hoping I won't have to.

Will we go back entirely to the way things were? I have a feeling we won't. I believe the majority if not all the people living today are headed for a much needed change in consciousness. What was once a priority may become less so, and new priorities will arise. Much that we have taken for granted is, in this new reality gone for us now. It is my belief that eventually much will return, and also much will change. A long time ago a wise woman told me never to take anything for granted. That has proved to be good advice for me to follow. I have been grateful for much in the old reality, and I plan to be grateful in the new one as it evolves.

May you discover blessings in the new reality to make up for any you have lost in the change from the old one.

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Blessings and Best Regards,
Tasha Halpert

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