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Heartwings Love Notes 935 - Adapting to Change

Heartwings says, "Leaving the past behind us can be a grand adventure."

What has happened just lately is unprecedented. The changes that have been thrust upon us all since the beginning of this year have been extreme. No one could have predicted that inside of a few months, hundreds of thousands of people would sicken, some would die, and everyone would have to give up much of what they were accustomed to doing daily. This is change on a major scale. Those who are creatures of habit must have suffered the most, yet all of us, I believe, feel that something is lost that can never be found again, at least to the same extent.

What we have almost all lost is our expected daily routine. Prior to the appearance of Covid 19 most of us pretty much knew when we got up in the morning what we were going to do that day, whether it was work or school or errands or whatever else we were accustomed to doing. Suddenly we were all to stay home, wear masks if we went out, and avoid getting within six feet of anyone we did not live with—not to mention the conscientiousness of hand washing. Worst of all, the specter of illness or even death hovered over everything.

The disruption of our routines also had another effect. It threw a spotlight on what we had been doing, how we had been living our lives, and highlighted our core values. Suddenly the relevance of our lives to who we truly were stood out starkly. An astrologer will tell you that three energetically powerful planets, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus have been romping around in the sky. The reverberation of their movement is identical to that of the time of the American Revolution. It is truly a revolutionary time in which we live. During a revolution, change is inevitable

Flexibility will get us farther than any other attitude during times of change. Whether on a personal or a global level, how we respond can make a difference both in our own lives and in the world in which we live. As with all new situations to be dealt with, mistakes will be made and hopefully learned from. This is inevitable with big changes, and today there are so many. It is truly a brave new world. We must learn new ways to cope; we must be alert to deal with our life situations, and approach them with minds as clear as possible. Good, bad, or indifferent, the future is arriving moment by moment and we must attune ourselves to the truth it brings to our lives.

May you discover new, improved ways to live and change no longer useful habits for good new ones.

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Blessings and Best Regards,
Tasha Halpert

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