The dance of the heavens this month is active. Besides the Aries Sun's segue into Taurus on the 19th, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all change signs. Then on the 9th Mercury, on the 6th, Saturn and Pluto on the 20th all turn retrograde. Retrograde Venus now turns direct on the 15th. With Pluto at a virtual standstill all month, change and upheaval may be mostly below the surface. With Mercury in retrograde much will come up for review, retooling and return. At that time I often hear from people I haven't heard from for a while.

Beginning the month in Aries, the Sun oversees innovation and startups. In Taurus work begun continues, practicality is in the air. Mercury begins in earthy Taurus then backs into innovative Aries on the 20th for a review of what has been begun. Venus, retrograde in gentle Pisces seeks connections with the past, continues in direct motion to find mystical connections then on the 28th dances into April and craves newness. Saturn slows into retrograde the 5th, urging greater care with structure, while Pluto slows change and renewal all month. 

So while April is a month for beginnings, they are likely to be of a different nature, more about affirming direction, chasing details to solidify what has been begun, and allowing for a slow but steady building toward a climax that could come as late as the fall—possibly around the equinox. This is not to say that nothing will happen, of course, only that the sum of the parts may be delayed. Meanwhile it is vital to practice redoing, restoring, reviewing, reforming, replacing, revising and so forth during the retrograde period, ending May 3.  Needless to say this is a poor time to purchase anything you do not actually need if you can possibly avoid it.

The Full Moon in Libra shines on Passover, on the 11th of April. The following two weeks will be good times to beautify your surroundings by removing whatever obscures that beauty and instead revealing what has been hidden. The New Moon in Taurus shines on the 26th, when it will be your opportunity to initiate music lessons, new craft projects, garden plans and refurbishments, and polish up your jewelry. Major aspects are few this month, so the emphasis on any one—especially the ones involving Pluto or Uranus may be greater.

Days to be mindful of a potential for stress include the 6th when Saturn turns retrograde, 7th and 8th a Venus/Saturn Square, 9th when Mercury turns retrograde, 20th Pluto turns retrograde, 21st Venus/Saturn square. Days to enjoy good vibrations include the 5th and 6th Mars/Pluto Trine, 7th Sun/Jupiter opposition, 14th Sun/Uranus conjunction—great for surprises! The 16th Venus/Mars sextile, 16/17 Mercury trine Saturn, 28th Mercury/Uranus Conjunction invent something


April Fools Day - (Apr 1st)

- April 2017 -
Patriots Day (Maine and Massachusetts) - Monday April 17th 2017

International Earth Day - (April 22nd 2017)

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Sat 1st April Fools Day Dithery Gemini Moon energy has us running here there and everywhere
Sun 2nd Chatty Gemini Moon gets us together to visit until 2:30 PM Caring Cancer Moon signals us to call family for updates
Mon 3rd Sensitive Cancer Moon energy may increase feelings to a boiling point. Simmer down
Tue 4th Motherly Cancer Moon keeps us caring until 5:15 PM Royal Leo Moon helps us feel generous
Wed 5th Romantic Leo Moon shines love around, Mars/Pluto trine ramps up passionate energy. Renewal is highlighted
Thur 6th Kindly Leo Moon increases helpfulness. Saturn stations retrograde suggesting structure needs reviewing; time seems to stand still
Fri 7th Kindly Leo Moon increases helpfulness. Saturn stations retrograde suggesting structure needs reviewing; time seems to stand still
Sat 8th Persnickety Virgo Moon works to get everything perfect. Venus/Saturn square and Sun/Pluto square can signal extreme frustration
Sun 9th Palm Sunday - Persnickety Virgo Moon works to get everything perfect. Venus/Saturn square and Sun/Pluto square can signal extreme frustration
Mon 10th Passover (begins at sundown) and Balancing Libra Moon makes for a day of sequences
Tue 11th Artistic Libra Full Moon inspires creativity. 6:45 Seductive Scorpio Moon enhances evening passion
Wed 12th Tenacious Scorpio Moon helps make for an intense day for all.
Thur 13th Thomas Jefferson's Birthday - Secretive Scorpio Moon helps keep plans quiet until the last minute. Sun/Uranus conjunction sponsors surprises
Fri 14th Good Friday - Energetic Sagittarius Moon helps make for a busy day. Lingering Uranus/Sun conjunction energy says expect the unexpected
Sat 15th Cheerful Sagittarius Moon is enhanced by Venus stationary direct. A bright day for all
Sun 16th Easter Sunday - Traveling Sagittarius Moon energy helps get us to family gatherings. 7 PM directed Capricorn Moon helps enhance focus.
Mon 17th Patriots Day - (Massachusetts, and Maine)  it is also The Boston Marathon - Ambitious Capricorn Moon helps accomplish much. Sun/Saturn trine helps keep hands steady and efficient
Tue 18th TAX Day (in U.S) and Passover (ends at nightfall) - Efficient Capricorn Moon helps keep us all on point for hard work
Wed 19th American  Revolutionary War Began (U.S) 1775 - Quirky Aquarius Moon helps make an inventive day. Try new ways
Thur 20th National High Five Day - Friendly Aquarius Moon helps bring folks together. Schedule meetings today. Intense Pluto stationary retrograde helps bring out problems to solve. Mercury backs into Aries
Fri 21st Innovative Aquarius Moon helps bring solutions. 3:45 PM Kindly Pisces Moon helps soothe. Mars into Gemini brings energy to communication. Venus/Saturn square says responsibilities could backfire
Sat 22nd International Earth Day. Psychic Pisces Moon helps bring out hidden agendas
Sun 23rd The London Marathon - Active Aries Moon energizes the day. Mercury/Saturn trine helps productive communication.
Mon 24th Energetic Aries Moon helps give the day a running start
Tue 25th Fiery Aries Moon may ignite controversy, keep cool.
Wed 26th Administrative Professionals Day (formally Secretaries Day) - Sturdy Taurus New Moon heralds two weeks for planting and nurturing whatever you wish to be growing
Thur 27th National Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (fourth Thur in April)Steady Taurus Moon helps keep us working on what’s begun
Fri 28th Arbor Day (In the United States is last Fri of the Month)Happy Gemini Moon brightens the day. Mercury/Uranus conjunction helps spark ideas and solutions.
Sat 29th Dexterous Gemini Moon helps bring clever methods into play
Sun 30th Kindly Cancer Moon helps make hospitality easy and fun.

Administrative Professionals Day (formally Secretaries Day) April 26th 2017

- April 2017 -
The Boston Marathon - Monday April 17th 2017
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Arbor Day - April 28th 2017

Holidays &  Other Interesting events happening in APRIL:
Holidays and Other Cool Events brought to you by Doc Dingley

Month Long April Events: National Poetry Month, Cancer Control Month, International Guitar Month, National Humor Month, National Smile Month, National Pecan Month, Stress Awareness Month, Jazz Appreciation Month, Occupational Therapy Month, April is Chocolate Eaters Month. April is also National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

1st Week of April Events: Medic Alert Week, Cherry Blossom Festival, Publicity Stunt Week, National Birthparents Week, Week of the Young Child, Straw Hat Week, National Bake Week (begins 1st Mon), Consider Christianity Week, National Reading a Road Map Week

2nd Week of April Events: Be Kind to Animals Week, Masters Golf Tournament, National Medical Laboratory Week, Private Property Week (10th-16th), National Library Week, Harmony Week, National Garden Week, National Guitar Week, National Building Safety Week, National Home Safety Week.

3rd Week of April Events: Boys and Girls Club Week, National Coin Week, Bike Safety Week, National Bubblegum Week, Pan American Week, National Week of the Ocean, National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, National Volunteer Week.

4th (Last) Week of April Events: Forest Week, National Lingerie Week, Canada-U.S. Goodwill Week, Big Brothers/Sisters Appreciation Week, Consumer Protection Week, National TV-Free Week, Jewish Heritage Week, Keep America Beautiful Week, National YMCA Week,
Professional Secretaries Week, Intergenerational Week, Reading Is Fun Week, Egg Salad Week, Teacher Appreciation Week (begins Last Mon), TV Turn-Off Week, Mattress Turnover Week.

April Fools Day is April 1st

World Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd

Qingming Festival is April 4th 2016 Clear and Bright Festival (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau). Qingming is a traditional Chinese festival on the 104th day after the winter solstice (or the 15th day from the Spring Equinox), usually occurring around April 5 of the Gregorian calendar (see Chinese calendar). Every leap year, Qing Ming is on April 4.

International World Health Day (WHO) is April 7th

Buddha's Birthday Traditional Date is April 8th

The NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, colloquially known as "March Madness," is a 20-day tournament that begins in March (March 17th 2015 Wikipedia) ; however, the Championship Game is played in early April (April 6th 2015). The same holds true for the NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Championship as well. See the NCAA.com the official website of the NCAA Championships for further detail .

Palm Sunday (Western Hemisphere) is April 9th 2017

National Tartan Day Parade is April 6th 2017 (United States, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) celebrated the weekend closest to April 6th, see also  NY Tartan Week  for details.

Good Friday this year falls on April 14th 2017

TAX Day (Tax Filing Deadline in the U.S) Since 1955, Tax Day is usually on April 15. When April 15 falls on a weekend, Emancipation Day, or any other holiday, tax returns are instead due on the following business day and is extended three days. This year Tax day falls on April 18th 2017

Easter Sunday (Western Hemisphere) this year is April 16th 2017

Patriots Day - Massachusetts and Maine holiday is celebrated April 17th 2017 (3rd Monday of the Month)

The Boston Marathon will be run on April 17th 2017 (usually held on the 3rd Monday of the month and is the same day as Patriots Day)

American Revolutionary War Began (U.S) back in April 19th 1775  April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783 (8-years, 137 days)(2nd Fri)

National High Five Day (3rd Thur April) is April 20th 2017

International Earth Day is on April 22nd 2017see Earthday.net also.

Passover (Begins at sun down) Monday April 10th 2017 and (ends at sunset) 7 days later on Tuesday April 18th 2017

The London Marathon this year is run on April 23rd 2017 (37th Marathon) (Usually third Sunday in April)

Administrative Professionals Day (formally Secretaries Day) this year is on April 26th 2017

April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four with the length of 30 Days.

National Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is April 27th 2017 (celebrated on the fourth Thur in April)

Arbor Day (In the United States is celebrated the last Fri of the Month)  this year it is April 28th 2017.

April was originally the second month of the Roman calendar, before January and February were added by King Numa Pompilius about 700 BC. It became the fourth month of the calendar year (the year when twelve months are displayed in order) during the time of the decemvirs about 450 BC, when it also was given 29 days. The Julian calendar reform of 46 BC gave April 30 days, effective in 45 BC

Other events which happened in April: The American Revolution (Started with Paul Revere's Ride: April 18-19 April 1775), The American Civil War (Started April, 1861, ended April, 1865, thus "Across Five Aprils"), President Abraham Lincoln's assassination (April 14, 1865), The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (April 18, 1906), The sinking of the RMS Titanic (April 14-15 April 1912), Fenway Baseball Park home of the Boston Red Sox opened its doors on (April 20, 1912), Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination (April 4, 1968), Chernobyl nuclear accident (April 26, 1986), The 1992 Los Angeles Riots after the Rodney King verdict (April 29, 1992), The Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19, 1995).

April in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to October in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.

April begins on the same day of the week as July every year, and as January in leap years

April's birth flowers are the Daisy and Sweet Pea.

April's birthstone is the Diamond
More: Bizarre & Unique Holiday Lists for (April):
ThinkQuest.Org, Holiday Insights.Com, & Brownie Locks


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