The long hot days of summer are upon us. It's best to take it easy now and not over exert yourself. Try to enjoy the water--whether ocean, lake or brook. We begin the month with the Sun in Cancer, the Cardinal or executive Water sign. Mercury begins in that sign also, though it changes to Leo in a few days. Venus remains in Gemini until the very end of the month, however Mars spends about two thirds of the month in Cancer before moving into fiery Leo. We feel more sensitive during this sign, and kinder. Cancers are usually empathetic and often provide comfort and solace to others. Leo brings out our playful side.

Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all still retrograde, signaling a slowdown to the energy of change and allowing us to solidify what we may be building. Saturn reflects structure, and its energy can be helpful for reinforcing and strengthening what have been and are actually or symbolically building. Neptune is a symbol for our higher aspirations and desires, when it is retrograde it is easier to meditate. Pluto is all about transformation via rebirth or regeneration, however the seed must burst for the seedling's roots and leaves to come forth. When Pluto is retrograde the change happening is hidden beneath the surface.

The full Moon in Capricorn takes place on the 9th, signaling some kind of political and/or business excitement or conclusion. The next period of two weeks will be ideal for purging anything like old business papers or accounts, straightening up and making order by discarding what you no longer need or want. Saturn ruled Capricorn loves order and clarity. The New Moon in Leo is on the 23rd.  This is an excellent time to initiate creative projects, romance, or opportunities for play. Vacations or enjoyable times planned for then can be extra fun. Creative projects can flourish, as can romance. The two weeks from new to full Moon are ideal for planting and increasing.

Times to be mindful and use the energy wisely are the 2nd with a forceful Mars/Pluto opposition, the 4th with a disruptive Mercury/Uranus square, the 10th with a distracting Sun/Pluto opposition, the 17th with a deceptive Venus/Neptune square and an impactful Mars/Uranus square, the 20th, with a strenuous Sun/Uranus Square, and the 24th with a difficult Venus/Saturn opposition. Best to move carefully, especially with regard to Mars and Uranus around machinery, tools or automobiles. To use the energy well plan to tackle difficult tasks reflective of these energies.

Times to plan for fun and enjoyment are the 5th, with a spiritual Sun/Neptune trine and an expansive Sun/Jupiter square, the 18th with a lucky Venus/Jupiter trine, the 19th with an efficient Mercury/Saturn trine, the 24th with an inventive Mercury/Uranus trine and the 26th with an energetic Sun/Mars conjunction.


4th of July Independence Day United States - (July 4th)

- July 2017 -
Happy Canada Day! - (July 1st)

Bastille Day (France) - July 14th

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Sat 1st Canada Day Celebrates the creation of the dominion of Canada (Fact The History of Canada Day) and The 104th Tour De France started July 1st and ends July 23rd 2017 (Fact Info on the Tour De France) - Gentle Libra Moon begins our month on a pretty note
Sun 2nd Sweet Libra Moon starts the day, Strong Scorpio Moon comes on at1 PM to bring passion, aided by a feisty, energetic Mars/Pluto opposition
Mon 3rd Persistent Scorpio Moon enhances any tasks
Tue 4th Independence Day - Happy Fourth of July United States (Fact The History of Independence Day (United States) - Mystery solving Scorpio Moon seeks resolutions; Venus into Gemini brings flirtatious energy to choices; erratic Mercury/Uranus Square suggests potential new solutions
Wed 5th Independence Day Venezuela (Fact The History of Independence Day (Venezuela) - Philosophical Sagittarius Moon enhances conversations. Mystical Sun/ Neptune trine generates spiritual energy. Sun/Jupiter square promotes excess
Thur 6th Cheerful Sagittarius Moon enhances the day
Fri 7th Athletic Sagittarius Moon begins the day energetically, 2PM Capricorn Moon fosters organization and ambition
Sat 8th Organized Capricorn Moon assists with Saturday chores
Sun 9th Independence Day Argentina (Fact The History of Independence Day (Argentina) - Diligent Capricorn full Moon seeks ambitious accomplishment
Mon 10th Quirky Aquarius Moon makes for surprises. Sun/Pluto opposition suggests life changing choices made available
Tue 11th Inventive Aquarius Moon helps us find good solutions
Wed 12th Friendly Aquarius Moon starts the day, compassionate Pisces Moon takes over at Noon
Thur 13th Loving Pisces Moon helps us see what's needed
Fri 14th Bastille Day France (Fact The History of Bastille Day (France) - Intuitive Pisces Moon knows just what to say and do. 8 PM Show off Aries Moon makes for an entertaining evening
Sat 15th Energetic Aries Moon helps keep us moving all day
Sun 16th Athletic Aries Moon makes for an active time
Mon 17th Steady Taurus Moon gets things done thoroughly. Confusing Venus/Neptune square says choose carefully, Mars/Uranus square says drive very carefully, don't speed or be reckless
Tue 18th Kindly Taurus Moon makes for a congenial day. Venus/Jupiter trine enhances any gathering
Wed 19th Gemini Moon enhances communication
Thur 20th Multitasking Gemini Moon gathers up and disperses. Mars into Leo makes for showy activities, Sun/Uranus square suggests disruption—slow down
Fri 21st Motherly Cancer Moon suggests looking after each other
Sat 22nd Hospitable Cancer Moon says host friends and/or family. Sun into Kingly Leo brings royal energy to the month
Sun 23rd The 104th Tour De France started July 1st and ends July 23rd 2017 (Fact Info on the Tour De France) New Moon in romantic Leo adds zing to the day. Make a list for what you wish to accomplish over the next two weeks creativity is featured
Mon 24th Playful Leo Moon holds sway, Venus/Saturn opposition suggests mindful choices, Mercury/Uranus trine makes for good ideas, creative solutions
Tue 25th Commonwealth Day Puerto Rico (Fact The History of Commonwealth Day (Puerto Rico) - Persnickety Virgo Moon makes sure we dot the 'i's and cross the 't's. Mercury into Virgo helps organize thoughts and tasks
Wed 26th Organized Virgo Moon helps with chores. Moon/Mars conjunction adds considerable energy.
Thur 27th Cleanly Virgo Moon starts the day, use the energy well. 11:30 AM languid Libra Moon makes for more relaxation
Fri 28th Independence Day Peru (Fact The History of Independence Day (Peru) - Beauty loving Libra Moon pretties up the surroundings
Sat 29th Artistic Libra Moon helps bring out creativity. 8:30 PM Sexy Scorpio Moon sings a seductive song
Sun 30th Passionate Scorpio Moon makes for an energetic day
Mon 31st Passionate Scorpio Moon makes for an energetic day

     Tour De France - (Starts July 1st and runs thru July 23rd 2017)


Find out more information about the (Tour De France)

- July 2017 -
Find out more information about July
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July is National Hot Dog Month (United States)   
National Hot Dog Month


Holidays &  Other Interesting events happening in JULY:
Holidays and Other Cool Events brought to you by Doc Dingley

Events in July: 
  • The Tour De France starts July 1st and runs until July 23rd 2017.
  • July is National Ice Cream Month and is celebrated by the U.S every July. This month was designated as national ice cream month by Ronald Reagan in 1984. He also appointed the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day.
  • July is also Haemochromatosis screening month, also spelled hemochromatosis, is a hereditary disease characterized by improper dietary iron metabolism (making it a iron overload disorder), which causes the accumulation of iron in a number of body tissues. Iron accumulation can eventually cause end organ damage, most importantly in the pancreas manifesting as diabetes, and liver failure.
  • National Hot Dog Month
  • National Ice Cream Month is celebrated during July in the United States.
  • National Grilling Month
  • National Parks & Recreation Month
  • Tanabata, a Japanese traditional seasonal "make-a-wish" celebration, July 7th
  • The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is played in the middle of July on a Tuesday. The days surrounded the All-Star Game, Monday and Wednesday are the only days in a calendar year where there are no Major Sport games being played

Week Long Events in July: None

Other Names For July:
  • In the Irish Calendar the month is called Iúil and is the third and last month of the summer season.
  • The Welsh name for July is Gorffennhaf which means end of the summer.
  • In Finnish, the month is called heinäkuu, meaning "month of grass".

July is the seventh month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of seven Gregorian months with the length of 31 days

July was renamed for Julius Caesar, who was born in that month. Previously, it was called Quintilis in Latin, since it was the fifth month in the ancient Roman calendar, before January became the first month of the calendar year (the year when displayed as twelve months in order) during the time of the decemvirs about 450 BC. In the pagan wheel of the year July ends at or near to Lughnasadh in the northern hemisphere and Imbolc in the southern hemisphere

July 1st is Canada Day. Celebrates the creation of the dominion of Canada (Fact The History of Canada Day)

The 104th Tour De France starts July 1st and runs thru till July 23rd 2017 (Fact Info on the Tour De France, Official website Tour De France )

July 4th is Independence Day - Happy Fourth of July in United States (Fact The History of Independence Day (United States)

Independence Day in Venezuela is July 5th (Fact The History of Independence Day (Venezuela)

Tanabata is celebrated July 7th in Japan. Tanabata (七夕 tanabata), meaning "Evening of the Seventh") is a Japanese star festival, derived from the Chinese star festival, Qi Xi (七夕 "The Night of Sevens").It celebrates the meeting of Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair). The Milky Way, a river made from stars that crosses the sky, separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. Since the stars come out at night, the celebration is held at night.

Independence Day in Argentina is July 9th (Fact The History of Independence Day (Argentina)

Independence Day in Bahamas is July 10th (Fact The History of Independence Day (Bahamas)

Julius Caesar's birthday is July 13th 100 BC

Bastille Day in France is July 14th (Fact The History of Bastille Day (France)

Bon Festival in Japan, July 13-16 (dates vary). Bon Festival is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the departed (deceased) spirits of one's ancestors.

The The 87th 2016 Major League Baseball (MLB)  All-Star Game is traditionally played in the middle of July on a Tuesday, this year it will be played on  (July 12th for 2016). The days surrounded the All-Star Game, Monday and Wednesday are the only days in a calendar year where there are no Major Sport games being played.  Official Site: MLB.Com All Star Game

Marine Day (海の日 Umi no hi?), also known as 'Ocean Day', is a Japanese national holiday celebrated on the third Monday in July, this year it is celebrated on (July 17th 2017). Many people take advantage of the holiday and summer weather to take a beach trip. As it is a modern secular holiday, there are no traditional ceremonies associated with the day.

First man lands on the moon was July 20th 1969. Neil Armstrong is credited as actually the first man to actually set foot on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

Pioneer Day in Utah is celebrated July 24th.

Commonwealth Day in Puerto Rico is July 25th (Fact The History of Commonwealth Day (Puerto Rico)

Feast of St. James is July 25th 

Independence Day in Peru is July 28th (Fact The History of Independence Day (Peru)

July begins on the same day of the week as April every year and also January in leap years.

July in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to January in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.

July's flower is the water lily or larkspur.

July's birthstone is the Ruby.
More: Bizarre & Unique Holidays for (July):
ThinkQuest.Org - Holiday Insights.Com - Brownie Locks


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