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Heartwings Love Notes 1019 - In search of Perfection

Heartwings says, "Seeking perfection is an illusory goal and a waste of time."

When I was growing up, on the back cover or somewhere inside most comic books there was often a particular ad. It showed a bully kicking sand in a weakling's face. Then the victim bought the wonderful exercises, or whatever was being sold in the ad. Then as an admiring girl looked on, he was able to best the bully.

Other ads in these or other publications showed items to purchase, most of them designed to enhance one's image or one's lifestyle. Cigarette ads demonstrated how cool and sophisticated it was to smoke, thus enticing young people of my generation and others to get hooked on nicotine. The liquor ads show how happy people were to be drinking alcohol, making it appealing to people who are not.

The ads for better smelling breath by using toothpaste or mouthwash seem to have disappeared, though once they were everywhere. Women don't wear corsets, let alone girdles much anymore, so the ads depicting a desirable figure seem to have vanished. Other things too have vanished. Have you seen a tube of Prell lately? That shampoo was once seen in many magazines, along with other soaps, shampoos and lotions that no longer exist.

The content of the ads for various items to buy seems to have changed, yet the approach has not. They say in so many words, "You will be prettier, happier, more desirable if you use this product." Once again, something to buy is presented as a solution to how we feel or think about ourselves, or how we could improve.

They say, "You are inadequate in some way without our lotion, girdle, toothpaste, or whatever it is we are selling. Ads are pitched to appeal to people's sense of vanity or their fear of being insufficient. This seems to be a prevailing theme whether the item is intended for a ten-year-old or a seventy-year-old.

Where does this fear of failing to measure up come from, I wonder? Is it inbred or a product of upbringing? Is it part of our culture as individuals? As I listen to the television these days, I am struck by the prevalence of ads for medicine to address symptoms and situations involving health. While it is important to be healthy, do we need to ask our doctors whether X is "right for us?" Isn't it supposed to be her or his job to tell us what we ought to be taking?

It would be interesting to see ads that expounded on the merits of a particular item rather than the whys of its desirability. This is a good product because we made it so, rather than this is good for you because you are inadequate without it. Competition is supposed to be important to survival. Tell that to the ants that are a cooperative society, and who might just outnumber us on planet earth. Regardless of circumstance they thrive, furthermore, they don't have to deal with ads.

May your goals be appropriate and helpful; may you attain them with joy..

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Tasha Halpert

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