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Heartwings Love Notes 1021 - Eggs are for more than breakfast

As a child I disliked eggs. The only thing I disliked more was liver. I used to cut whatever liver I was given into small pieces and swallow them like pills so I would not have to taste it. I don't know why but eggs were always served to me soft boiled. I thought they were awful. Scooping them out of the shell where it sat on the egg cup it was served in was arduous because it was so easy for pieces of shell to fall into the egg. I didn't like the runny white either.

My father usually had a poached egg made in a small pan especially designed to cook it. The white was never runny. I think my mother ate hers boiled. It took me many years to get over my distaste. Now I am fond of eggs in many forms, however I seldom eat them for breakfast. Once in a while I do because I know there is much to be done before lunch, and I need stay full longer. I appreciate eggs' protein.

Once upon a time eggs were deemed bad for you because of their cholesterol. Now eggs have not been found to increase cholesterol even though they do contain it. When I checked on line, I found no explanation of why, only that it doesn't. Now it seems most people can eat up to 6 or 7 eggs a week—one daily, without increasing their risk of heart disease. Regardless, the food value in eggs as well as in butter, in my opinion makes them an important part of a good diet.

One of my preferred suppers these days is a cheese omelet with a simple salad, and either toast or some form of potatoes—roasted is good, or the frozen potato patties or nuggets. For the cheese omelet, beat up 2 eggs per person, and do not add any liquid of any kind. This is very important, do not dilute eggs. In the frying pan put two tablespoons butter and melt it on medium. Carefully pour beaten eggs into pan, allowing the butter to spread out beneath them. Gently pull the edge of cooked egg away from the side of the pan and let uncooked egg flow underneath it.

Once most of the raw egg is absorbed and the bottom is dry, sprinkle grated cheese to taste –around ˝ cup or more, over the surface of one half of the eggs, and carefully fold the top half over the cheese. Turn the pan to low and cook to complete the omelet, allowing cheese to melt and interior to finish cooking. Serve with potatoes, toast or muffins, and salad. This is a sustaining, tasty supper. It took me lots of tries to get the omelet just right so don't be discouraged if it doesn't come out perfectly the first or even the second time.

Whatever you make may you enjoy your cooking experiences.

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Tasha Halpert

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