Mercury is especially active this month, the media will reflect this I'm sure. Then besides the Sun, three planets change signs this month, one twice! Busy Mercury swoops from inspired Aquarius to kind Pisces the first week, then into energetic Aries, for a little more than the last week. Venus leaves altruistic Aquarius for compassionate Pisces on the 12th, while Mars leaves diligent Scorpio for expansive Sagittarius as the second week begins. In addition, Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th, an opportunity to check facts and lately built structure.

The Sun and Moon each present an eclipse. The 8th Pisces New Moon brings a powerful Solar Eclipse, the death of the old, the birth or rebirth of helpful and innovative, especially for those with limitations or afflictions. The Libra Moon lunar Eclipse invokes a need for balance; eliminate what is unbalanced. Watch to see changes in the electoral scene during the two weeks between moon events.

Jupiter is still Retrograde; if a reward or an expected benefit is delayed, you might profit in the long run. Be patient, wait to see what happens. Saturn turns Retrograde in Sagittarius until August. One of his important roles is as Father Time, scythe and all. In the days when agriculture ruled the seasons, he brought in the harvest. His turning retrograde brings an opportunity for whatever is growing to have additional time to do so. Patience is important.

The month begins with a Venus/Uranus opportunity sextile on the 2nd, the 4th and 5th watch your tongue; avoid conflict with a Mercury/Mars square.  The 5th is energetically bright: Mercury changes signs AM and Mars PM. Late on the 5th and on the 6th frustration may arise with a Sun/Saturn square delay or block. A Sun/Pluto opportunity sextile may point to the necessary changes for success. A 7th and 8th Sun/Jupiter opposition indicates adjustment that a benefit may occur. New Moon Solar Eclipse says time to begin anew. A Conjunction on the 11th Mercury/Neptune warns of possible deception. The 14th, Mercury/Saturn square and Venus/Mars square say stop, look, wait and assess before acting.

On the 16th a Jupiter/Pluto trine means good timing for a beneficial change. The 20th Venus/Neptune conjunction indicates a choice between illusion and spiritual blessing. The 23rd, Jupiter/Saturn square warns excess can lead to clampdown. Mercury/Sun conjunction indicates clarity. Full Moon eclipse means change. The 24th Mercury/Pluto trine means prayers for positive change succeed. The 25th Saturn stationary Retrograde impacts education, religion and social benefits, Venus/Jupiter opposition indicates adjustment in benefits, and Venus/Saturn squared, karmic choices. The 25th and 26th have a Sun/Mars trine, good for getting stuff done, aided by a Venus/Pluto sextile. The 29th sees a helpful Mercury/Saturn Trine, beware the Mercury/Pluto square on the 30th, foot in mouth time! The 31st Mercury/Uranus conjunction brings creative thinking.



St Patricks Day - (March 17th)

- March 2016 -

Day Lights Savings Time Begins - (March 13th 2016) Spring Ahead 1-Hr !

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Tue 1st Cheerful Sagittarius Moon gets the month off to a good start
Wed 2nd Dr Seuss's Birthday - Adventurous Sagittarius Moon suggests looking for new ideas. Venus/Uranus sextile supplies them
Thur 3rd Efficient Capricorn Moon helps get it all done on time.
Fri 4th Diligent Capricorn Moon makes it easy to dot the i's and cross the t's
Sat 5th Stalwart Capricorn Moon gives way to quirky Aquarius by Noon. Mercury/Mars Square means obstacles. Mercury into Pisces brings compassion to the thinking. Mars into Sagittarius promotes athletic energy
Sun 6th Altruistic Aquarius Moon bumps against Sun/Saturn square creating friction. Sun/Pluto sextile says look deeper, see better
Mon 7th Inventive Aquarius Moon starts the week with unique solutions. Sweet Pisces Moon after 2 PM suggests we practice compassion
Tue 8th International Women's Day - Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse makes for changes: increase outreach, overcome limitations. Jupiter/Sun opposition: adjustments needed
Wed 9th Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday) - Vague Pisces Moon makes difficult AM focus, help any who need it. Brisk 3 PM Aries Moon by brightens things up
Thur 10th Pushy Aries Moon energy makes it a take charge day.
Fri 11th Energetic AM Aries Moon gets lots done. After 3 PM sensuous Taurus Moon plans the weekend.
Sat 12th Indulgent Taurus Moon seeks pleasure. Venus into Pisces helps make our choices loving.
Sun 13th Day Lights Savings Time Change (Spring Ahead 1-Hr) - Steady Taurus Moon says finish tasks, 5 PM Sociable Gemini Moon entertains friends or calls them to chat
Mon 14th Multitasking Gemini Moon begins the week with a long to do list. Mercury/Saturn square followed by Venus/Mars square make for a stressful day
Tue 15th Peripatetic Gemini Moon facilitates errands and communication. 9 PM Caring Cancer Moon looks after family. Mercury/Pluto sextile and Mercury/Jupiter opposition combine to help improve decisions
Wed 16th Hospitable Cancer Moon makes for generosity. Jupiter/Pluto Trine indicate positive change well motivated
Thur 17th St Patrick's Day - History Loving Cancer Moon says look to the past
Fri 18th Ash Wednesday - Lent - Vibrant Leo Moon makes it a romantic day
Sat 19th Creative Leo Moon has fun playing
Sun 20th The First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere) and Palm Sunday - Fun AM Leo Moon is bouncy and bright. 2 PM Virgo Moon means get down to business. Sun into Aries makes new beginnings, Venus/Neptune says play music or go to a concert.
Mon 21st Organized Virgo Moon helps set up the week. Mercury into Aries enhances positive outlooks
Tue 22nd Particular Virgo Moon makes for precise protocol
Wed 23rd Libra Full Moon Eclipse brings energy to legal issues. Jupiter/Saturn square: a clash to be resolved Sun/Mercury conjunction helps a happy outcome
Thur 24th Fair minded Libra Moon means seeing all sides. Mercury/Mars trine facilitates progress
Fri 25th Good Friday - Beauty loving Libra Moon says pretty up the place. Expect delays as Saturn turns retrograde. Venus/Saturn Square means hard choices. 2 PM Sexy Scorpio Moon brings fun, Venus/Jupiter opposition: choices in pleasure to make
Sat 26th Intense Scorpio Moon: be mindful of energy. Sun/Mars trine enhances activity. Venus/Pluto sextile deepens outcomes.
Sun 27th Easter Sunday - Embracing Scorpio Moon promotes a family gathering
Mon 28th Idealistic Sagittarius Moon can find good information
Tue 29th Hearty Sagittarius Moon can help get things going. Mercury/Saturn trine brings out the truth
Wed 30th Philosophical Sagittarius Moon changes to PM structured Capricorn Moon with stressful Mercury/Pluto Square overshadowing issues.  
Thur 31st Resolute Capricorn Moon helps bring good sense to bear, as Mercury/Uranus conjunction helps resolve issues creatively

1st Day of Spring
Northern Hemisphere

- March 2016 -
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Dr Seuss's - Birthday (March 2nd 1904 to Sept 24th 1991)
Dr Seuss's Birthday      
March 2nd 1904 - Sept 24th 1991
  Mardi Gras Day is March 9th 2016 (Fat Tuesday)   Easter Sunday - (March 27th 2016)

Holidays &  Other Interesting events happening in MARCH:
Holidays and Other Cool Events brought to you by Doc Dingley

Month Long & Week Long Events in March: 

March is Women's History Month (United States)

March is American Red Cross month.

Sea Turtles nesting period begins in Florida

Dr Seuss's Birthday was March 2nd 1904 (Born March 2, 1904 - Passed Sept 24, 1991)

Wikipedia - International Women's Day is March 8th (see also International Women's

Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday) this year is March 9th 2016, see also Mardi Gras Day and Mardi Gras New Orleans Official Sites

World Kidney Day is celebrated usually on the second Thur of March, this year it falls on March 10th in 2016, it is a global health awareness campaign focusing on the importance of the kidneys and reducing the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems worldwide. The campaign is celebrated every year on the second Thursday of March in more than 100 countries on 6 continents. )

*Day Lights Savings Time is March 13h in 2016 (Spring Ahead 1-Hour), (see also NIST Nat'l Institute of Standards and Technology). Beginning in 2007, Daylight Savings Time was extended one month and begins for most of the United States at: 2 a.m. on the Second Sunday in March Spring Forward (set clocks forward 1-hour) and DST Ends: 2 a.m. on the First Sunday of November Fall Back (or set clocks back 1-hour). Before 2007, daylight savings time began First Sunday in April and ended Last Sunday in October.

The Ides of March, the anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar by Brutus, Cassius, Casca, and others (March 15)

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th

The Equinox or First Day of Spring in (Northern Hemisphere) this year is March 20th 2016, (see also Equinox - Wikipedia) .The equinox named the vernal or spring equinox in the northern hemisphere and the autumnal equinox in the southern hemisphere occurs on dates varying from 19 March to 21 March (in UTC).

Palm Sunday (Western Hemisphere) is March 20th 2016

World Water Day is March 22nd (click here for more). This day was first formally proposed in Agenda 21 of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Observance began in 1993 and has grown significantly ever since; for the general public to show support, it is encouraged for the public to not use their taps throughout the whole day, the day has become a popular Facebook trend.

The UN and its member nations devote this day to implementing UN recommendations and promoting concrete activities within their countries regarding the world's water resources. Each year, one of various UN agencies involved in water issues takes the lead in promoting and coordinating international activities for World Water Day. Since its inception in 2003, UN-Water has been responsible for selecting the theme, messages and lead UN agency for the World Day for Water.

In addition to the UN member states, a number of NGOs promoting clean water and sustainable aquatic habitats have used World Day for Water as a time to focus public attention on the critical water issues of our era. Every three years since 1997, for instance, the World Water Council has drawn thousands to participate in its World Water Forum during the week of World Day for Water. Participating agencies and NGOs have highlighted issues such as a billion people being without access to safe water for drinking and the role of gender in family access to safe water...

Good Friday this year falls on March 25th 20165

Norouz: New Year's Day in Iran and several other countries. A holiday in Turkey, Japan, and Central Asian countries celebrating not only the start of the new year but the first day of spring also in the northern hemisphere. (Iran, Northern Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, Georgia, the countries of Central Asia such as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, as well as among various other Iranian and Turkic people in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Northwestern China, the Caucasus, the Crimea, and the Balkans). It usually occurs on the March 21st or the previous/following day depending on where it is observed.

Hanami, the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers starts in late March.

Prince Kūhiō Day, is celebrated March 26: state holiday in the State of Hawaii

Bangladeshi Independence Day, March 26, 1971

Easter Sunday (Western Hemisphere) this year is March 27th 2016

The NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, colloquially known as "March Madness," is a 20-day tournament that begins in March (March 17th 2016 Wikipedia) ; however, the Championship Game is played in early April (April 6th 2015). The same holds true for the NCAA Women's Division I Basketball Championship as well. See the the official website of the NCAA Championships for further detail .

March is the third month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of seven Gregorian months with the length of 31 Days. In ancient Rome, March was called Martius, so named after Mars, the Roman god of war.

March was originally the first month of the Roman calendar before the winter months of January and February were added about 700 BC by King Numa Pompilius. It ceased to be the first month of the calendar year (the year when displayed as twelve months) about 450 BC during the time of the decemvirs, when January assumed that position. Roman consuls entered office in March between 222 BC and 153 BC, hence Roman events dated via the consular year began in March during that period. The numbered year began on March 1 in Russia until the end of the fifteenth century. Great Britain and her colonies continued to use March 25 until 1752, the same year they finally adopted the Gregorian calendar.

In Finnish, the month is called maaliskuu, which originates from maallinen kuu meaning earthy month. This is because in maaliskuu earth started to show from under the snow. Historical names for March include the Saxon term Lenctmonat, named for the equinox and eventual lengthening of days and the eventual namesake of Lent. The Saxons also called March Rhed-monat (for their goddess Rhedam); ancient Britons called it hyld-monath (meaning loud or stormy).

There is an adage that March "comes in like a lion, but goes out like a lamb", referring to the weather that some regions experience during the month. This saying is meant to demonstrate the unpredictable weather which often occurs as the seasons change.

March in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to September in the Southern Hemisphere (and vice versa).

March begins on the same day of the week as February, excepting leap years, and as November every year.

March's birth flower is the Jonquil or the Daffodil.

March's birthstone is aquamarine for Pisces and diamond for Aries
More: Bizarre & Unique Holidays for (March):
ThinkQuest.Org - Holiday Insights.Com - Brownie Locks


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