Spring Tease

Here in New England
We are impatient with Winter's
stern hold, so eager for Spring
we mistake hints for advances.

Like a sly fan dancer
Little by little and bit by bit,
Spring reveals herself
Only to retreat and tease us even more.

Each day we wait impatiently
Hoping to see all of her tantalizing self,
Until like Venus she emerges
From a foam of flower petals

Spring Dance

Tricky Spring,
Blows hot, blows cold,
Fools us all and makes us scold!

First a sweater,
Then a coat,
Then a scarf to cover throat!

Next the sun
Will make us hot,
Shed it all and sweat a lot!

 Slyly, Spring
You fool us all,
Not unlike your sister, Fall.

Still we love you,
Just the same,
Even though you have no shame!


Beltane Eve Burning

Rays of sunlight
Stream in the smoke.
The remains of last year crumble.
Fire's flickering fingers.
Grasp and crinkle the years,
Tossing them carelessly into the air.

My busy days, so full
Where do they go?
When they are done,
They are yesterday's newspapers,
Faded and flimsy,
Fit only for kindling.

The fire crackles telling me
That time burns moment by moment,
Sparks fly up to heaven and become stars
Twinkling in a firmament.
I gaze at the past and wonder
Where is it now?

Glimpses of Spring

The new light of Spring
Shines on the rain wet road:
Sparkling sheets of brightness.
Trees lining its side
Wait patiently for leaves;
The sap rises slowly.

Spring beckons me
To trade my winter mind's endurance
For exuberance.
Not as patient as the trees,
I want to run, jump, sing
Fling my arms wide and embrace
The dancing light before me.
But it runs away down the road.


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