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The Breath of Peace and Other Simple Ways to Inner Peace   

The following exercise is one of the best ways we know to center and stabilize within
any situation. It also has the virtue of helping to transform any potentially uncomfortable
atmosphere. It is especially good for calming young children as well as people of any
age who are upset or ill, and it can be done without anyone knowing you are doing it.
It is always a wonderful way to relax and feel good. Please try it and see how well it works.

The Breath of Peace

Imagine you are sitting in a shaft of sunlight. As you inhale, affirm or envision that you are breathing the light in through the top of your head. As you exhale, affirm or envision that you are breathing light out through your heart center in the middle of your chest. If you wish, repeat the word "Peace". Do this a minimum of five times, and continue as needed.

Short Daily Routine for Inner Balance and Clarity

Here is the Daily Routine we ourselves follow to stay centered and comfortable. Please try it and see what it will do for you. It only takes ten minutes.

1. Repeat the Armor of Light for psychic protection (see below)

2. Do the Element Breaths to clear away static and clear the aura

Earth Breath: Breathe in and out through the nose 5 times. As you inhale, imagine the strength and power of the earth being drawn up through the soles of your feet throughout your body, to the top of your head. As you exhale, imagine this same power moving downward through your body clearing out static and dust.

Water Breath: Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth 5 times. As you inhale, imagine a geyser of water rising from a fountain at the base of your spine; as you exhale, imagine it coming up through the top of your head, washing down to clear your aura, removing all static and dust.

Fire Breath: Breathe in through the mouth, out through the nose 5 times. As you inhale, imagine yourself drawing the heat of the sun in through your solar plexus. As you exhale, change the heat to light and breathe it out through your heart center at the center of your chest.

Air Breath: Breathe out through your mouth, then in through your mouth, 5 times. As you exhale, imagine your essence flowing out to the far reaches of space to be cleansed by the winds, as you inhale, imagine it returning, clear of dust and static.

Close this section by giving thanks to the elements (by name) for their healing energies.

4. Repeat this prayer for world peace and healing: Dear and Glorious Lord, Attune Thy universe to peace, joy, and harmony. Heal the wounds of all the world we pray, and dissolve all darkness in the light of love.

5. Repeat this prayer/affirmation 3 times: Beloved Lord I do greatly thank thee for the abundance that is mine.

6. Conclude with the Lord's Prayer. This seals your chakras and completes your affirmation of protection and dedication. Now enjoy your day with confidence and peace of heart.

The preceding prayers, affirmations and practices are an effective tool for maintaining psychic equilibrium and mental balance. Once memorized they shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Practice is what is important, not results. The element breaths have been known to improve physical health as well as mental well being

For more information please contact Tasha or Stephen Halpert at the Grafton Center for Inner Peace P.O. Box 323, Grafton, MA 01519 508/839-0111 or


                                      THE ARMOR OF LIGHT

In the Name and through the Power and by the Work of Christ Jesus I put on the Whole Armor of Light. On my head is the Helmet of Salvation, I wear the Breastplate of Righteousness, my loins are girded with the Truth, my feet are shod in Peace and enveloped in the Flame of the Spirit of Almighty God. In my left hand I hold the Shield of Faith, in my right hand is the Sword of the Spirit. The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God, the Word of God is unassailable and no evil can come nigh my habitation. Thus clad I stand, joyfully expectant, ready and willing to do the will of the Living Christ, Amen.

(Envision yourself surrounded by circle of dancing light, and prepare yourself to take three breaths. Each time you release your breath, see yourself whooshing light out throughout your entire aura, and affirm that you are releasing everything you want to, to be recycled)

Around myself I build a wall of Living Flame, and I cleanse my aura with the Breath of Light, sending all negativity back to the Sun to be recharged. (Here take the three breaths and release them.)

This prayer affirmation is a wonderful way to revitalize your aura as well as clear yourself of any uncomfortable vibrations you have either generated or attracted to yourself. A short form can also be effective either for renewing the energy or for a quick charge when you don't have time for more than a quick flash of thought .

                               Short Form for 'Armor' Polishing

In the Name and through the Power and by the Word of Christ Jesus I put on the Whole Armor of Light, and I give thanks that this is accomplished. Around myself I build a wall of living flame and I cleanse my aura with the Breath of Light sending all negativity back to the sun to be recharged. Amen (Take the three breaths as above and whoosh them out through your aura.)

Note: The Christ Jesus referred to here is the Anointed One, not the historical Jesus, though they may be seen as one and the same. This prayer/affirmation effectively protects against many kinds of negativity and will also help clarify one's perceptions and help you stabilize if you are feeling unbalanced.

Say this prayer three times a day-when you get up, when you go to sleep, and mid afternoon, or any time you feel negativity creeping over you. It will also help you to center your energy and to feel better if you are nervous or upset.

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