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Updated: 02-01-2018

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Astrology Really Works !

Tasha has studied and taught astrology for more than 30 years, some call her a Practical Mystic with her uncanny ability to see life with intuitive insight, and tie it together with definitive happenings.  Each month Tasha writes a new 'Astro Planner' and posts it here online, check back often to find insightful and comforting writings about our daily lives.

Enjoy the informative 12-month Astro Planners planners below, click on any of the months and see what's predicted expected from Tasha for each day. Find out informative information such as when and what holidays are happening for the month, historical events, unique events/holidays, etc by Doc Dingley while your there.


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Summaries for the month's of:

~ February '2018'~

This, the shortest month can be an interesting one because two thirds of it is powered by Uranus, planet of sudden and usually unexpected happenings. One unusual aspect of this particularly February is that is has no Full Moon. There is one on the last day of January and another on March 1. However, there is a powerful New Moon Eclipse in the middle of the month on the 15th. There are no retrograde planets at this time. This indicates that during this time period efforts and events may well go forward without any hindrance.

The signs these so-called personal planets are in cue us into the energy at work in our world. The Sun in original Aquarius changes to gentle Pisces on the 19th. Mercury (thoughts and communications) in unique Aquarius moves into colorful Pisces on the 18th. Venus (Choices and decisions) in willful Aquarius changes to inclusive Pisces on the 11th. Mars (physical push) is in energetic Sagittarius all month; you can take advantage of this energy to learn, grow and expand. These are the personal planets, representing daily activities and efforts. Going with the energy of the time—whether forceful or relaxed, you can accomplish more.

These so-called outer planets represent trends and larger currents of energy. Jupiter is in Scorpio all month, prompting blessings for those who dig out the truth and solve mysteries. Saturn is in Capricorn all month putting pressure on business and politics to be authentic, grounded and structured. Uranus is in Aries all month helping promote inventions and innovations. Neptune is in Pisces, helping boost spirituality or possibly bringing deception to those who are not mindful. Pluto is in Capricorn also, digging up deliberately hidden trickery to bring it to light.

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 15th suggests we focus on helping people altruistically through organizations, or group efforts. We can also look to find unique or unusual solutions to dilemmas as well as resolve issues in ways we hadn’t thought to or considered. The eclipse adds an element of change to this time. Because it is Aquarian in nature, it may also represent events that are more than usually unplanned or unexpected. The two weeks preceding it are under the influence of the eclipse at the end of January, therefore this time may be unusually turbulent with unexpected changes or developments.

There is an interesting overall emphasis this month on the potential for illusion, delusion, and deception—self or otherwise. For your planning purposes a few dates may be helpful: 2/3-4 be mindful of excess and push your luck; 2/10 exaggeration and excess may be evident; 2/13 watch out for cheaters or tall tales; Eclipse/New Moon energy heralds change; 2/16-17 More potential for lies and/or deception; 1/21 spiritual vibrations encourage meditation; 2/24-25 postpone choices, seek guidance; 2/28 avoid controversy, seek truth.

Click here or the link below and see more of what's happening for each day in the month of February.

~ January '2018'~

The New Year begins with a Supermoon on New Year's Day. Full Moon in Cancer is helpful for nurturing warmth and hospitality. The New Moon on the 16th in late Capricorn suggests a focus for the New Year on effectiveness in business and work you may be contemplating. Make a list of what you wish to accomplish in the months to come. A second Full Moon on the last day of the month brings a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Some romances may see a conclusion or it may be that efforts on behalf of loved ones need to change in some way. Gamblers beware.

Three planets besides the Sun change signs. Aquarius, the shortest month, begins on the 19th, so we move from Capricorn conservative to inventive in atmosphere. Mercury starts in Sagittarius, changing to Capricorn on the 11th. Communications and travel go from expanded practical. It shifts to quirky Aquarius on the 31st. Venus begins the month in Capricorn, moves into Aquarius on the 17th. Choices and decisions go from the practical to the experimental. Mars goes from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 26th. Actions and activities change from deep and thorough to expanded even perhaps blown out of proportion.

After the 2nd when Uranus goes direct, there are no retrograde planets. Life may develop some speed and matters that have been delayed or postponed may be resolved or concluded. With Saturn now in Capricorn, pressure on the educational system as well as welfare may ease up and religion, politics and business will come in for emphasis on structure and responsibility, not to mention eliminate unnecessary waste and excess of all kinds. It is always interesting to see what occurs when significant planets change signs.

Although there seem to be relatively few either severe or beneficial aspects, this month does hold a number of opportunity sextiles. There is a cluster of them on the 8th, when good fortune must be seized rather than taken as a given. The 9th has a cluster of conjunctions early in the day that will have an influence on the 8th as well. These represent chances for important transformation. Taken together these are two of the most significant days in the month, the other two being the 6th and the 13th, which are not quite as powerful.

Individual days to be aware are the 2nd, with Uranus going stationary direct, the 6th with a Mercury/Uranus trine for powerful thinking and communications and Mars/Jupiter conjunct, a potential for significant destruction and/or good. The 13th holds a combination of Mercury/Saturn conjunct and Venus/Uranus square. Chickens could come home to roost. On the 14th a Sun/Uranus square might signal disruption, the 24th mercury/Pluto conjunction intensifies communication. The 27th and 28th a Mercury/Uranus square could produce disruptive or original communications. The 31st Lunar Eclipse might impact romance and children

Click here or the link below and see more of what's happening for each day in the month of January.

~ December '2017'~

Sagittarius, powered by the planet Jupiter, holds sway this month until the solstice on the 21st, when Capricorn, powered by Saturn takes over. On the 19th the planet Saturn moves out of Sagittarius, where it has been for approximately the last 2½ years with its repressive influence in education, religion and welfare, and into Capricorn where we will see how politics and business are affected by the stern, often karmic energy it represents.

Mercury spends much of this month in retrograde motion in the sign of Sagittarius. It turns retrograde on the 3rd and goes direct on the 22nd. Christmas shopping is best done either early or late or else include a way for your gift to be exchanged if it is unsuitable or the wrong size. Communications could be affected—and depending on where Mercury in Sagittarius falls natally in your chart, that is the area where you need to take extra precautions to make sure all details are properly attended to.

Uranus in Aries is the only other retrograde planet this month. Pluto chugs along in Capricorn where next year it will meet up with Saturn: immovable object meets irresistible force. Neptune swims along in Pisces, while Mars begins in Libra and changes signs on the 9th entering Scorpio, the original power for this sign. Venus actually changes signs on the 1st, moving into the benevolent energy of Sagittarius, promoting hospitality and generosity just in time for the holidays. She moves into Capricorn on Christmas, joining Saturn, making the day karmic.

Full Moon in Gemini is on the 3rd, also the day Mercury makes its station, turning retrograde in Sagittarius. The full moon, generally speaking, brings high energy to the day so there could be traffic confusion and/or a desire to spend more than might be wise. The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on the 18th. Plan educational or spiritual efforts for the next two weeks, or set goals in those areas. The New Moon says plan in for growth and progress in the appropriate areas indicated.

Take care on the 1st as a Mars/Uranus opposition may fuel conflict. Be mindful on the 3rd with Mercury retrograde and an obscuring Sun/Neptune square. A Venus/Neptune square could means confusion around choices on the 10th. Blessings may flow on the 2nd with a Jupiter /Neptune trine. Mercury/Saturn conjunction on the 6th could be helpful for grounding. A Mercury/Uranus trine on the 10th may bring bright ideas. The 12th sees a Sun/mercury conjunction for effective communication. Mercury /Venus conjunct on the 15th indicates opportunities for educated choices, Sun/Uranus trine on the 16th suggests surprises, Venus/Uranus trine on the 20th brings unusual results from choices. The 21st solstice is enhanced by a steadying Sun/Saturn conjunction. On the 25th a Venus/Saturn conjunction enhances gift giving, the 27th and 28th may be confusing or possibly spiritually helpful with a Mars/Neptune trine.

Click here or the link below and see more of what's happening for each day in the month of December.

~ November '2017'~

Jupiter is now firmly planted in Scorpio, and all us Scorpios can feel cheerful: good fortune is headed our way. At the beginning of the month there are only two planets in retrograde motion. Neptune turns direct the 22nd, leaving only Uranus moving "backward.". Next month there is a shorter retrograde Mercury, lasting from the 3rd to the 22nd, Thus the end of this month sees a slowdown in communications and related activities. Get your Christmas shopping done either early or late as otherwise mix-ups, confusion, and other issues could arise.

Sun in passionate Scorpio moves to jovial Sagittarius on the 21st. Mercury in persistent Scorpio changes to philosophical Sagittarius on the 5th. Venus in gentle Libra turns possessive in Scorpio on the 7th. Mars is in balanced Libra all month. Saturn is in scholarly Sagittarius all month. It moves into Capricorn next month and some political chicanery may come home to roost. The outer planets—Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move slowly and except for when Neptune makes its station the 22nd, and Mars squares Pluto in the 19th, don't have a lot of impact.

Full Moon in Taurus on the 4th suggests we spend the next two weeks solidifying arrangements and building on whatever choices we made in the last two weeks. New Moon in Scorpio the 18th suggests we begin projects relating to rebirth, renewal and reclamation. With a Mercury Retrograde coming next month we gain a running start on whatever needs to be repaired or refurbished before the end of the year. It is also the last call o bed down the garden for the winter.

This quiet month, the planet with the most activity appears to be Neptune, planet of illusions and the truth they obscure. Digging for the truth behind the illusion is important now. Scorpio occupying 2/3rds of the month is the only sign with four symbols: the scorpion, aka the sarcastic, cutting  nature of some Scorpios; the lizard aka the tendency of some Scorpios to blend in and be secretive; the eagle, aka the noble, keen eyed far seeing Scorpios; and the phoenix, aka the transformative spiritual Scorpios.

Days to be mindful include the 4th with a Venus/Uranus opposition: beware of careless choices; the 13th with a Mercury /Neptune Square: look carefully at deceptive appearances; the 19th with a Mars/Pluto square: avoid violent actions or excessive activity; the 22nd with Neptune stationary: illusions run rampant. Days to push your luck include the 3rd with Sun/Neptune trine: music can be magical; the 11th with Saturn/Uranus trine: breakthroughs are possible; the 13th with Venus/Jupiter conjunct: a good luck day for all; the 16th with Venus/Neptune trine: spiritual opportunities abound, choose wisely; the 25th with Mercury/Uranus trine: innovative thinking and solutions; the 27th and 28th with Mercury/Saturn conjunct: positive effects from communications long term.

Click here or the link below and see more of what's happening for each day in the month of November.

~ October '2017'~

October looks relatively well balanced with no heavy activity between the outer planets. Importantly, Jupiter changes signs this month, moving from Libra where he has been for the past year into Scorpio. This may signify the uncovering of secrets and the unraveling of mysteries over the twelve months. In addition those with water signs prominent in their charts may get a boost of good fortune over the next twelve months. 

There are only two retrograde planets now, indicating that it is easier to move forward. Mercury begins in fair minded Libra moving to sharp Scorpio on the 17th, Venus starts in picky Virgo and moves into beauty loving Libra on the 14th, Mars begins in efficient Virgo and moves into artistic Libra on the 22nd while the Sun moves into passionate Scorpio the same day.

The Full Moon in Aries on the 5th, also known as the Harvest Moon, implies a gathering in of all that has been grown and tended over the past months since the New Moon in Aries in the spring. Look to your reaping and remember to separate the wheat from the chaff. The New Moon in Libra on the 19th suggests seeking balance. Wisely, going forward we can make the best use of what we have harvested during the Full Moon.  

Squares and oppositions present opportunities to use difficult energy in constructive ways. Pluto symbolizes deep, possibly disruptive change; Saturn symbolizes structure and responsibly. For instance, when Venus, symbolizing choices is squared to Saturn/responsibility take a second look at what you might be choosing to accept or trying to avoid. Pluto squares could imply a resistance to change, resulting in difficulties. A Mars/Saturn square may indicate a need to be mindful of your actions. Uranus aspects usually indicate the unexpected.

Days to be mindful and use potentially disruptive or difficult energies constructively include the 8th with a Venus/Saturn square, the 9th with Mercury/Pluto and Sun/Pluto squares, the 11th with a Mars/Saturn square, the 15th with Mercury/Uranus opposition, , the 19th with Sun/Uranus opposition and a New Moon, and the 27th with a Venus/Pluto Square.

Trines imply an ease or facility for whatever action you may choose. Pluto trines can also make for insightful changes; conjunctions bring the combined energy of both planets to bear on whatever you may choose to do.  A conjunction with Jupiter would provide a great boost to anything.

Days to be aware of a potential for positive action or benefits to be gained include the 1st with a Mars/Pluto trine, the third with a Venus/Pluto trine, the 5th with Venus/Mars conjunction and a Full Moon, the 8th with Sun/Mercury conjunction, the 18th with Mercury/Jupiter conjunction, the24th with Mercury/Neptune trine, and the 26th with Sun/Jupiter conjunction.

Click here or the link below and see more of what's happening for each day in the month of October.

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