More of Tasha's Photos and Summer Poems

Food For All

Sunflower bows her heavy head
Seed is ripe to spill.
Bees have done their work and now
Birds can feast their fill.

Nature nurtures folk and bird
Calls us to be kind,
Setting food aside for all,
As the days unwind.

Let us all remember to
Strew seed on window sill-
Feathered friends can use a hand
When the winds blow chill

Sharing is the way we grow
Closer to our good.
Peace is nurtured in the heart
When we share the food

Celebrating Midsummer Eve

Candles glow, fireflies flicker,
Hearts float light as petals
Drifting on the mist. Magic is.
Fairies twinkle in the grass,
Brightening where we pass.

Little boats adrift sail on,
Over stars reflected there,
Sparks fly hither and thither
Light this night is magical
Enveloping, fantastical.

Ancient customs link the past
To today, and bring us joy
Brightening Midsummer Night
Where our little candles float
Beckoning the fairy folk.

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