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My Garden Goddess

There's a goddess in my garden.
Bestowing beauty with every glance,
Her stone loveliness enduring
Through the seasons.

Her peaceful countenance
Reflects eternal patience;
Gazing upon blossom and weed
She accepts all as perfection.

I hope one day like her to overlook
The garden of this life,
And no longer see a difference
Between weed and blossom

Speak of Summer

Breezes, green of trees ripening juicy thing
Summer's song is a long golden day
To make hay while the sun shines.

Summer lets us catch up to ourselves,
Dreaming in the sun, stretching tight limbs
Like trees reaching for the light--
Every leaf a green factory processing the rays into growth
My spirit expands in the laze of days that summer brings
In the long slow hours I will pour out
What I have distilled in winter's dark,
While all my words dangle like grapes on Summer's vine,
Ready to pluck and make into the new wine.

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