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Meditation Classes
(For more information on hosting, developing meditation classes for you
or a group at your location, function, organization, event, or business call):

 Stephen and Tasha Halpert

Ph: 508-839-0111

Personalized one on one, Group Workshops/Sessions,
Specifically designed, Guided meditations available.

 - Non Sectarian Classes -
 Designed for relaxation, self healing, well being, and inner peace.
Each class is geared towards the audience's needs
Beginners and friends welcome, networking with others is encouraged.
Call Stephen and Tasha for more information.

Note: All sessions are private and confidential !

Upcoming Events

Finding a Place in Society:
Intuition, Meditation and Healing for Young Adults in a Life Transition

By Stephen & Tasha Halpert


One Spirit Learning Alliance
247 West 36th Street Sixth Floor
New York, NY 10018
Ph: (212) 931-6840

Sunday Oct 9th, 2011 12:30pm – 5:30pm
Register Here

(See Upcoming Events)

The transition period between the end of our educational years and the beginning of our lives as independent adults can be some of the most challenging, but they also contain a wealth of opportunity. As young men and women, we often prepare ourselves to step into the world full of hopes and dreams, only to be met quickly by some of the harsh realities of life. It is no easy task to find our place in culture and society, and it can be even more difficult to discover who we really are as human beings. And much too rarely do we encounter individuals with the wisdom and compassion to mentor and guide us during these turbulent times.

Stephen and his wife Tasha Halpert are two such individuals. For over 30 years the Halpert’s have worked as spiritual counselors and teachers of meditation and intuitive development. As life coaches, Tasha and Stephen have traveled extensively across the globe working with young people in their transition to adulthood, guiding them toward the fulfillment of their dreams as well as the ability to have happiness, good health, a successful career, fulfilling relationships, and a meaningful place in society.

Cost: Donation. You decide!!! $30 is suggested, but any amount you can afford is ok!!!!  For further information contact Stephen or Tasha Halpert at Ph: 508-839-0111 or our emails,  and 

Regular meditation has been proven to help lower blood pressure, lower stress, rest and relaxation, Promote and encourage physical healing, well being, improve your general disposition, focus, and efficiency at home and the work place in general everyday activities. 

See for yourself, click here and do a
- Search for 'Benefits of Meditation'.

You may also like to read Wikipedia's informative description of meditation and the many forms of it.

Tasha and Stephen have taught meditation classes since 1977, experienced in number of techniques they have taught and lectured all over for more than 30-years. Read more about them in about us below, and what people have to say in Testimonials.

Read about the Grafton Peace Center in a Telegram and Gazette article written here.

“We feel that a peaceful heart is vitally important for our good health and happiness, as well as for the healing of our world.” - Tasha Halpert
 “We have created a series of meditations and activities that we hope all will find useful, to help them feel more peaceful and optimistic.” - Stephen Halpert

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